Denise Quintanilla

Editor and music writer, Denise meets lots of local artists and knows her way well around Austin's night life.

Nathan Olivarez

Performer and music writer, Nathan has been a local artist in Austin's music scene for over 30 years. He has Co-Host Capzeyez with Dave Prewitt on Public Access for 2 decades.

Just a few images from our staff over the years at shows we have gone to and covers we have featured. Like you, we love our live music and hope you enjoy our contribution and coverage of the local music scene here in Austin TX. Pick up a Rockstar in most Live Music venues or music stores here in the metro area.

Reach out to us if you'd like your band to be profiled in Rockstar Magazine. For the last 3 years we've featured nearly 300 artists from Austin and around Texas.

Russell Dowden

Publishing Guru - Weird Magazine, INFOWARS, Austin Para Times and Texas Sports Monthly.

SXSW Issue

Our next Issue will be March of 2017 with our interview with Jennifer B & The Groove.







Local Artist

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Meet Our Team


Steve DeMent

For Nearly 3 years Steve has shot most of the Covers for Rockstar Magazine.


Jander Distribution handles many of our deliveries in the Austin metro area. From north Austin Burnet Rd down to UT Campus you can find Rockstar at many local live music venues, restaurants, music stores and most        Planet Ks.